About Teachall

Teachall is an education company in China providing education services for children, adults, and companies. Best known for its Children’s English Program, Teachall also provides Education Consulting services to students planning to study abroad, has full-time students attending its Overseas Prep Academy, and owns a private bilingual school, Rising Eagles School. Teachall prides itself in being able to offer complete international education solutions for students age 5 to adults.

What Sets Us Apart

Teachall primarily uses foreign teachers for its English language classes with most, if not all, foreign teachers from the United States. As a company founded and primarily managed by Americans, Teachall has a distinct advantage in hiring and retaining high quality foreign teachers. Combined with its focus on continuously improving quality, Teachall is able to consistently offer high quality service, evidenced by Teachall’s high student retention rate and word-of-mouth growth. Teachall provides great value to customers with its high quality service at affordable prices.

Our Mission

To provide quality education services in China, work opportunities for like-minded professionals, schools which shine His light to local communities, and training and educational resources to help other like-minded organizations.

Our Slogan

Connecting Hearts and Minds 心·意相通

Our Values

  • Caring 爱
  • Cross-Cultural 跨文化
  • Community 家


The first Teachall Training Center was opened in China in Guiyang, Guizhou province by an American couple, Rob and Val Tucker. The training center grew quickly to over 650 students within 1.5 years. With the vision of starting similar training centers all over China, Teachall moved to Beijing in 2002 and helped establish nearly 20 training centers in different parts of China from 2002-2009 while running its own training center at its headquarters in Beijing.