Children’s English Program

Teachall’s Children’s English Program provides high quality English training for children ages 6-18. Most of our students come from well-known public and international elementary, middle, and high schools in Beijing. Most students’ parents are teachers or professors at top-tier schools and universities, high level corporate executives, engineers, or other highly-educated professionals. Our Children’s English Program not only emphasizes improving English listening and speaking but also focuses on nurturing students’ English reading and writing ability as we believe a students’ reading and writing ability is a key indicator of their true English level.

Class Levels and Curriculum

According to our English level placement test results, we place students into either our Haigui or Panda Classes. All classes are taught by foreign teachers, and each class has a maximum of 12 students.

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Panda Classes

Panda Classes are designed for students attending Chinese public schools. For students with no English background, we use the Reading A-Z curriculum to strengthen students’ phonetic reading ability, English-style thinking, and general sense of English. For beginner and intermediate level students, we use the Our World and Time Zones curriculum published by Cengage/National Geographic. We offer Literature classes for higher level students which use curriculum based on original, imported English novels and books. These special Literature classes help our Panda class students reach an English level similar to that of Haigui students.

Haigui Classes

Haigui classes are designed for students who have studied overseas at an all-day, English-speaking school for at least one year. Haigui classes use original, imported English novels and books as its main curriculum. English listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar are taught in the classroom using the novels and books to help maintain and improve the students’ English level.

Semester Schedule

Our school year follows the public school calendar with two semesters, a winter holiday, and a summer holiday. (We offer special classes during winter and summer holidays).

Spring Semester Fall Semester
Start Date Late February/Early March Early September
End Date Mid to Late June Mid to Late January

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