Overseas Study Consulting

Teachall’s Overseas Study Consulting partners with WAnet – one of the best Private Christian High School networks in the U.S.

WAnet provides the way for your child/student to study high school in the U.S. and they also provide a top-quality summer program – SEI – Summer English Institute. SEI is located on different university campuses each year and is considered one of the top summer programs around. Every child who has attends comes away better and with more than they had before. Not only is SEI a great program to get to visit, live in, and travel the U.S. for a summer but also is a wonderful way for a potential student to improve their English quickly in a short amount of time. Most students who have not gone come back the same and has come away with more than they had before.

We believe SEI is a great choice for your child.

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Yearlong Opportunities

Wheaton Academy Network (WAnet): Through our Partnership with WAnet we provide a top-notch, quality consulting service along with follow up. This includes everything from helping you fill out the Application for WAnet or their summer program (SEI) to helping apply for your visa and even with test and interview prep. Our service goes beyond just helping you get to the U.S. but also extends all the way into a year long follow up service making sure you and your child/student have the peace and all things you need to do well in this path/step you are taking for the future.

It’s our job to serve. :)


College Visits


Fun Activities


New Friendships