Classes We Offer

1 on 1 Classes

  1. For students who can’t enter into an overseas prep academy because of class time schedule issues, age, year, or test score level.
  2. For those who are anxious to go abroad and need to quickly improve their oral English and listening abilities.
  3. For those who need to improve their English in order to meet certain work requirements or to enhance their standing/competitiveness in the workplace.
  4. For students who need extra tutoring outside of class.
  5. Returnees who’s English is not bad but has not yet attained the level of native speaker.
  6. For those who are preparing for TOEFL and/or IELTS.
  7. Lastly, such as Business English, English Interview Prep, writing and other special needs.

Adult English

  1. Those with no English foundation.
  2. Those who, after graduating, have had little to no exposure to English and want to simply increase their spoken and listening abilities.
  3. Those who want to increase their English ability especially for the purpose of meeting job requirements or in order to rise up in the company’s ranks.
  4. Those who are anxious to go abroad and need to quickly improve their spoken and listening abilities.
  5. Those who are looking to improve their Business English.
  6. Lastly, those who are needing help with English tests of any type.

Corporate Training

Cooperation Goals/Aims:

  1. For large international firms who are looking to help employees improve their English level, break through cultural barriers/obstacles and to strengthen and improve teamwork and increase productivity among the staff.
  2. For local companies who want to train staff/employees not only in English, but also in the manners and forms of culture and etiquette before sending them abroad.
  3. For local schools/enterprises who want to help staff overcome language and culture barriers and have a better grasp of international knowledge and understanding.

Private Class Teaching Methods

Not just any foreigner can make a good foreign teacher. Teachall’s foreign teachers all have higher education and have experience in teaching. Our teachers have rich travel, cultural, and international experience and their depth of knowledge is deep and far reaching. Our teachers have successfully helped numerous students. On top of all this, they don’t just only care for the academics, they also have a deep love and care for their student’s English advancement and also for the student’s future and personal life. Many students have been deeply motivated by this unique care and consideration and have begun to develop a deeper love and passion for English and life.

During all courses, there is Chinese teacher supervision. All the way from consultation to class arrangement/scheduling and even help with any problems that arise, the Chinese teacher will follow up on every level. All the student’s scores and all the feedback from the teachers are recorded. The Chinese teacher also coordinates between the student and the foreign teacher. They will also help the students to be able to adjust and adapt well at any and all changes. Finally, they also help the foreign teachers to better understand the student’s needs and provide even better teaching methods and ways.

For each program we also choose the textbooks and materials according to the students level. The books are well-designed, their content is appropriate, the substance is wide-ranging, and the language is modern, local, and up to date.

The timing of the class and scheduling is very flexible in order to meet individual needs.

Lastly, the beginning of the course opens with an exam and finishes with a final in order to help students see just how far they have come along.

Teaching Quality Assurance


For absolute beginners/first time English learners, our teaching will focus on helping the students to build a solid foundation to their English and build up their confidence and interest in English. We aim to achieve this by helping them to develop proper study habits and form personal study skills and methods suitable for their individual needs.

Listening and Speaking Needs:

For those whose reading and writing have no problem but are lagging behind in listening and speaking, the private classes use open discussions, topics, and debates; real-life practices, exercises, and experience in order to help students to overcome their shyness and fear of speaking and to develop the confidence needed to become a better speaker. These combined with conversations and real life topics and  other variety can help learners have the confidence to begin starting to be able to have conversations. Students English speaking and listening ability can advance quickly in this course.

Reading, Writing, and Grammar Needs:

For the students whose listening and speaking are strong but reading, writing, and grammar is struggling we use imported vocabulary books and reading materials appropriate according to their level. These books are interesting and will help students to master their pronunciation and spelling. We use a variety of activities and methods, including video, audio, games, etc., in order to help students achieve a solid all around English ability. Through all of this the students should begin to develop a love/joy for English learning. When learning additional vocabulary, reading, and grammar the students will also begin to be able to even better understand more greatly the rules and patterns of the language and culture.