Introduction to TOPA

Welcome, we are Teachall Overseas Prep Academy.

Our joy is to meet your English learning needs. We provide daily lesson plans, class syllabuses, and native English-speaking staff members. We pride ourselves, not just as a place to learn English, but also as an overseas preparation provider that allows our students to thrive overseas. Read some of our student stories.

Educators all have different goals. Teachall Overseas Prep Academy’s goal is to prepare students to think critically using English and to express their ideas through PowerPoint, written essays, videos, and other project formats.

Using English is harder than learning English, which requires us to take the time needed for students to be creative in their new found communication skill.

If you have any question about our program, please call 152-0108-1937.

Semester Date Weeks of Class
Fall September – January 17 Weeks
Spring March – June 17 Weeks
Summer July – August 5 Weeks



Find out about Teachall’s upcoming and past events.


Project Class (TOPA)

See how our students and teachers work together to use English in their project class, this special opportunity of using English to make something is the core to TOPA’s education philosophy.


Oversea Trips

Teachall every year is excited to send more students to the United States for a summer and year long education opportunities.